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Who We Are

The House to Support People With Cancer-CAPEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to do the good. Placed in Belo Horizonte, in Minas Geraes state, Brazil, we assist a hundred people and families. Our main goal is to help the patients with câncer to live well and better. We also work to broadcast the information in the society aprroaching several subjects about the right to a public health, citzenship and câncer prevention. Know our site because we will defend acquisitively the value of life and the individual and collective desire to hope.

Today we attend 80 people from Belo Horizonte and Metropolitan Region with ages varying from 1 to 90 years old. Each one of these people knows that they can count monthly with feeding to your Family, with the bus tickets for their appointments,exams, quimo and radiotheraphy, psychological support and interaction activities through craft workshops. With medications that the Public Health System does not offer, such as food supliment, dippers, etc. All the care for the members assisted it is only possible beacuse we can count only and exclusively with the suporting people’s donations that split what they have with the people in need. We and our supporters work with the only objective to defend the value of life and the right to a decent medical treatment. With this we promote a improve in the life’s quality, happiness, hope, the solidarity. With transparency, dedication and commitment from all our crew and the supporters we change anguishes and needs in hope and happiness. For all of us life is the greatest gift from God. Make part of this team and help us to put more hope in the life of our Brothers.

What Do We Do
We keep and develop programs and actions that guarantee lasting improvements in the quality of people’s with câncer lives. With the help of all the people in volved in the fight against câncer,we realized many accomplishments in life’s favor. See it follows

At the moment that the assisted is welcomed in the house, he receives social and psychological monitoring. He receives the benefits needed for hi and his Family, medications, food supliment, dippers, etc. To continue his medical treatment he recievs bus tickests for the appointments, radio and quimo and also guidelines regarding their rights and referrals to social resources available in the municipality. Sign up for handicraft and therapy groups and participate in events that also work for your physical and mental health.
Our assisted recieves according to their needs: Medications unavaliable by the Public Health System, material for dressings and personal hygiene, probes, diapers, wheelchairs and bath, and depending on the emergency, clinical exams, among others.
The assisted and his family receive monthly a basic basket (30 kg) whole milk and powdered; food supplement, enteral diet, infant formula, mucilon, cereals and other products requested by nutritionists.
The improvement in life quality depends of people’s entire daily context. Therefore we invest in cultural activities that brings wellfare, happiness, self-esteem, socialization, knowledge. During all over the year, they participate in theraphy groups, handicraft workshops and income generation, tours, parties, beauty day off, Women International Day, countryside parties, celebration of the end of the year, amnog others.
UpComing Events

Stay tuned on schedule that happen on CAPEC:

Helenice de S. da Fonseca

Another year is finishing, another thankful year to CAPEC for one more year with you. After I have been assisted for 5 years with their help, now I continue as a volunteer, beacause all that I do will still be little by much they have done for me. Thank you very much to all of you that work in the house. God bless you all!!

Ex-CAPEC Assisted and teacher of volunteer crafta
Rosilene P. Amorin

I am very thankful, very happy and satisfied and above all realized as a human being. Joining the group "Entering the Line", I discovered a new profession, which is crafts. That’s why I am thankful to CAPEC and all the membes without exception. May Jesus continue blessing all of you and thank you.

CAPEC Assisted